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About the Skate Spinner


The Skate Spinner is a figure skating or dance training device that scientifically simulates the skating blade on the ice and enables skaters and dancers to practice spins, turns, jumps, and good basic figure skating or dance positions. Use of the Skate Spinner will improve your balance, ability to centre spins, air position and the mechanics of turns. 

Each Skate Spinner comes with an illustrated instruction manual. The Skate Spinner is made of durable hard plastic and works on any smooth surface. The surface of the spinner fits a shoe perfectly, and with the new Skate Spinner Tape it can be used in sneakers or bare foot. 

The Skate Spinner was designed by a former world and Olympic competitor, professional skater and coach, and constructed by engineers using computer technology. The bottom of the Skate Spinner simulates the skating blade profile to mimic the technique of the skating foot – finding the sweet spot in the spinning position or rolling action during take offs. 

Skate Spinner for improving figure skating turns and jumps

Skate Spinner is used by beginners, advanced skaters and champions internationally (Canada, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Korea, and many others!) 

Skate Spinner is light and compact, requires little or no maintenance, and will easily fit into any skate bag. You’ll arrive on the ice prepared from your off-ice practice.                                                                                


Skate Spinner Tape is the newest product to compliment the Skate Spinner.  The Skate Spinner Tape is a specially designed accessory to help improve the grip of the foot to the surface of the Skate Spinner. It provides increased control of the spinner, minimizes slippage of the foot through better contact, and allows the owner to customize and personalize their own Skate Spinner. Now it’s even more fun to learn and maintain important spinning, turning and jumping skills! Figure skating is combination of high level athletic skill and artistry. The Skate Spinner Tape is a new medium to bring visual art into sport of Figure Skating and enrich the experience of learning.

pinner Tapes for customizing Skate Spinner for improving figure skating turns and jumps


This accessory was developed in cooperation with Vancouver based company “Blade Pro Products Inc.” which specializes in the production of the patented Blade Tape for hockey players. Blade Tape replaces traditional hockey tape for covering blade of the hockey stick to improve stick handling and better grip on the puck. For more info go to www.bladetape.ca.


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