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The Skate Spinner started as a simple tool to help figure skaters train their spins and turns off ice. Now, more than 20 years later, it is still going strong as a proven tool to help figure skaters maximize their training time!

The Skate Spinner was designed by a former world and Olympic competitor, professional skater and coach, and constructed by engineers using computer technology. The bottom of the Skate Spinner simulates the figure skating blade profile to mimic the technique of the skating foot – finding the sweet spot in the spinning position or rolling action during take offs.

Did you know... when Zdenek Pazdirek invented the first Skate Spinner, it was made out of wood?

The Skate Spinner of today is made of durable hard plastic and works on any smooth surface. 

Skate Spinner Archives

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The first Skate Spinner prototype in the familiar form we use today, circa 1990.
Ref: Zdenek's personal archives

The Original Skate Spinner for improving figure skating turns and jumps

Off-ice training with Zdenek's students during the 1989-1990 season.
Ref: Zdenek's personal archives

Skate Spinner 1989/1990 how to use Skate Spinner for figure skating

Article in American Skating World Magazine 1996.
Ref: American Skating World Magazine Industry Issue May 1996, p.11

The Original Skate Spinner 1989/1990 figure skating spin training

Skate Spinner Ad 1994.
Ref: Advertisement, 1994

The Original Skate Spinner 1989/1990 figure skating spin training


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